Innovative design for versatility. Adjustable design allows users to switch between a flat agility ladder and raised rungs for hurdle drills in seconds! Lay rungs flat on the floor for fast footwork drills like lateral shuffles and in-and-out hops, or add versatility to drills by raising the rungs up to 9”H in 1” increments for plyometric hurdle drills. Numbered snap design on rungs secure rungs make it easy to adjust to the desired height and match rung heights across the entire ladder. Spaced 22” apart, the rungs are perfect distance for both agility ladder and hurdle drills.

Durable rungs are made of composite material and withstand missed steps without breaking. HurdLadder measures 18’L x 2’W and features ¾” nylon webbing that won’t fray and will withstand heavy use. Easily connect multiple ladders via snaps on the webbing for longer runs.