Great for beginners. Comfortable foam, bright colors, and smaller sizes enable a low-intimidation introduction to plyometric training. Practice stepping and stretching, slowly transitioning into jumps and other movements. Incremental heights enable athletes to transition to taller boxes as they gain confidence, further increasing their workout and results. Users training on plyo boxes for beginners develop a critical understanding of how plyometrics can assist them in the future.

Various sizes. 3 box heights – 6", 12", and 18"H – make it easy to provide athletes with a proper introduction to plyometric movements and exercises. Brand-new beginners will find comfort in learning on a smaller 6"H stage, learning basic steps and movements that build strength. As they transition to 12"H boxes, movements become more pronounced and greater range of plyometric exercises can be explored. 18"H plyo boxes are on par with the real thing and afford users the benefits of beginner boxes with the height and capabilities of normal trainers.