No battle rope anchor station provides more training possibilities. Sturdy, low-profile design accommodates up to 10 users. Athletes stand apart to run through intense conditioning rope training circuits on a single anchor station. Where other anchors require significant amounts of additional weight to remain in place during heavy rope training, the HQ is guaranteed to stay put even against aggressive chops and slams by multiple users. Set it up on virtually any flat surface, loop training ropes around evenly-spaced hooks, and start a total-body workout that’s guaranteed to generate results. When finished, HQ rolls away for easy storage.

Available in 3 different diameters, industry-best Warrior training ropes supplement HQ anchor stations for a reliable workout. 1" dia is ideal for beginner users who demand more control and less intensity. 1½" dia ropes are great all-around ropes for any user. 2" dia ropes provide the greatest weight and are the most taxing for advanced athletes.