Oversized training rope handle design for improved gains. 2'' dia knurled aluminum handles provide a high-traction grip over a larger gripping surface than other ropes, enabling more reps even when hands get sweaty. Better grip allows for better form over more reps, pushing athletes to raise the bar for success and reap the benefits of more intense battle rope exercises. Compared to 1½" dia rope size, handles feel like a larger-diameter Olympic bar.

Choosing the right rope size. Training ropes are available in 2 lengths, depending on the proficiency of the user. Smaller 30’L ropes benefit smaller athletes or those new to battle rope training; 50’L battle ropes offer more slack and are thus harder to manipulate during waves and slams, making them optimal for users seeking a bigger challenge.

Warrior Talon Conditioning Ropes are available in sets, in 2 sizes.