Secure, durable construction. Comprised of 1⅞" stainless steel, these padlocks for lockers prevent intrusion by way of top-quality features and technology. Proprietary BlockGuard anti-shim technology prevents locks from being forced, while shackles boast double-reinforced 1" stainless steel that prevents cutting. All working parts are brass- or cadmium-plated steel, allowing them to resist corrosion for indoor or outdoor use.

Combination locks are constructed to last a lifetime, and their parts are not intended to require repair or replacement.

Combination security. 3-number dialing system is easy for anyone to master. An automatic scrambling feature prevents tampering without requiring the dial to be spun after re-locking. No more accidental unlocks because the dial didn’t reset! In the event a combination is forgotten; locks can be quickly disabled by an administrator key*.

*Control keys are needed to start a new series of locks. A minimum order of 15 is needed for the locks (100 for custom locks). To add locks to a series that already exists, it’s important to specify the control number when ordering. This will begin with the letter V, followed by 2-3 numbers. This will allow for the existing control key to work with the new locks.

Numerous options. Padlocks for lockers are controlled by 3-digit combinations, ranging from numbers 1-39 (ex. 32-15-23). Combinations are randomized to prevent tampering or sequential guessing. Lock have 8 different dial color options, including black, blue, red, purple, green, gold, orange, and gray. Custom locks are also available. Standard locks can be personalized with different dial colors and gym logo, names, or initials.