How to use the Vertec. Users stand underneath the Vertec and adjust telescoping post to place the bottom vane exactly 10 inches above their maximal reach. From a standing position, without a running start, users jump as high as possible, swiping the vanes at the apex of the jump. Evenly aligned vanes ensure jumping athletes have an equal chance to hit their maximum jump height accurately. For multiple jumps, simply slide the pre-hit vanes to the side to present a best-of representation.

Designed for simple measurement. Each Vertec vane represents .5", enabling accurate measurement of each athlete’s vertical jumping ability. Add up the number of panes moved after all attempts, then add the 10" starting position. For example: if the athlete moved 10 panes it equals 5", with 10" added for the start, equaling a total of 15". For high-level athletes, more than 10" between maximal reach and the panes may be warranted.

Includes a nylon harness connected to heavy-duty resistance tubing and tethered to a steel-framed platform. Hardware included.