Unparalleled durability. Following the IronRange Elite line of products, this glute-ham developer relies on the stability of a 3" x 3", 11-gauge steel frame to stand strong in commercial gyms. Powder-coated finish comes in 13 different colors for a sleek, durable finish that’ll stand up to routine gym use and abuse. Extremely durable welds and fully-supported bench construction prevents rocking or tipping for a stable workout that’s good for athletes and the bench.

Comfortable, tailored workouts. Athletes will remain comfortable during their entire glute, hamstring, or core workout thanks to vinyl-covered foam padding. Vinyl won’t tear and is gentle on skin, while also remaining easy to clean and maintain in commercial gym settings. Firm padding is dense enough to support all weights and won’t leave impressions with consistent use. Ankle pads also adjust smoothly to perfectly accommodate users of any height.

Targeted workouts. Glute-ham developers (GDHs) are made for workouts targeting the lower posterior chain. Bench ensures athletes maintain form and proper range of motion. They help athletes build a strong lower body and core for better support across other exercises. Tone glutes, hamstrings, core, and more across several key movements, with the ability to hold weight for added resistance.