Easily visible numerals. Seeing total time elapsed or how much time remains pushes athletes to put in their best efforts for the duration of a workout and encourages them to finish strong. Bright numerals make it nearly impossible to miss the face of this interval timer, whether it’s a few feet away or all the way across the gym. Solid, bright LED numbers can be seen from distances of up to 200’ away, and are bright enough to be seen indoors and out without issue.

Preprogrammed training options. Choose from 11 pre-programmed workout settings, designed to give you instant access to timing options for popular workouts, including HIIT training. Modes include count up and count down options, a 20/10 TABATA program, a 10-minute count up feature, and a 20-minute count down feature, among others.

Choosing a timing program is also simple from a distance via remote control. Just select the mode that works best and press a button to begin.

Commercial durability and longevity. Our strongest interval training timer offers the durability and protection of a solid steel encasement. Use it indoors or outside without fear of damage – it’ll outlast any plastic fitness timer with ease. Metal cabinet can be positioned on tabletop or mounted for visibility in your gym.