Outstanding combination of durability, form, and function. This is truly the most professionally-made sissy squat bench on the market today! Users will love the comfortable padding on the foot and knee pads that make it easy to focus on the exercise and not on discomfort. Unlike other squat benches, the X3S features an adjustable seat pad via pin that allows users to align the pad with the back of their knee for optimal support during a multitude of exercises. The black powder-coat finish and high-gauge steel is incredibly durable and carries a professional appearance. A treaded footpad offers excellent traction so users can optimally activate the quads and keep their feet safely underneath the pads.

Incredible versatility. The X3S can be used for a variety of lower-body and core exercises. Performing squats targets quad development, or use it for exercises to balance out posterior-chain dominant exercises like deadlifts, good mornings, or hip thrusts. Isolate the core with Russian twists, sit-ups, overhead medicine ball tosses, and more.