Excellent grip. No other slam ball provides enough tack that a user can palm larger weights with a single hand. TACtonic features a proprietary cover material that will feel like it's sticking to your hand, ensuring the training will never stop due to a weak grip or a slippery ball. The cover features hexagon indentations that allow fingertips to grip the ball, further enhancing anyone's hold. Athletes will transfer even more force into overhead slams, throws, chops, and even overhead tosses.

Unparalleled performance. TACtonic's cover can be inflated to suit each user's preference—less inflation will shift more and greater inflation will shift less. The high-quality sand filling also shifts enough to challenge users but not so much that it completely throws off slams and other movements. The 100% dead-bounce design forces athletes to work through a larger range of motion to complete their slams, resulting in more work performed and greater conditioning.

Supreme durability. Thick PVC cover provides excellent durability and is tough enough to hold up in high-volume commercial fitness facilities. Its seamless design also resists cracking and withstands high-force slams and throws for years to come.

Great selection. Sets include balls, 1 mobile all-steel UltraFit Rack, and 3 laminated UltraFit Medicine Ball Training Charts.