Innovative design ensures safety and performance. Bonded-foam pulling blocks for weightlifting absorb impact better than steel or wood, so plates won't bounce or clatter. Foam is weighty enough to stay put during use, but much lighter and easier to transport and swap out than comparable wood or steel blocks.

Generous surface area is a must for new lifters or those lifting incredibly heavy loads, making it easier to maintain control of the bar when dropped. Removable, 3"W x 3"H edge attaches to blocks and prevents weights from rolling off.

Three different heights (6"H, 12"H, and together, 18"H) allow a range of users and abilities to develop their Olympic lifting technique from both low- and high-hang positions. 6"H blocks are also great for accessory pulling work with supramaximal deadlift or clean-pull loads.

Unparalleled durability. Dense, bonded-foam provides greater durability and retains its shape, even with high-volume use. Extensive product testing showed no permanent compression, even with long-term use. Sturdy, 18 oz vinyl cover stands up to abuse without tearing or ripping.