Allow entire groups of athletes to stimulate nerves, promote blood circulation, and foster quick muscle recovery with convenient packs of foam rollers for multiple users and ailments. EVA rollers are less dense and feature slight texture for effective everyday massage and recovery. HD rollers are constructed of firmer, smooth foam for more pressure to alleviate deeper knots and sore muscles. Volcano rollers feature high bumps in a soft material to “knead” aggravated muscles.

Basic Packs include 6 rollers in each firmness and length (12" vs. 36"). Deluxe Pack adds 15"L Volcano Rollers with a textured surface for intense knots. All packs include a Magnus Stationary Rack that holds 24 rollers and is made of durable ABS plastic. 44”L x 17”W x 56”H; 31 lb.

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