Unique cambered design for a variety of purposes. The Safety Squat bar is an excellent training tool that has a variety of applications. For those looking to vary their squat training, the cambered design of this bar pushes the load further back in the stance of the user. Consequently the athlete must feature a more forward torso angle to place the load over the midfoot for a balanced, full range-of-motion squat. The change in levers enhances the recruitment of the quadriceps which has excellent transfer to field sports in particular in which athletes are often on their toes when running, jumping, etc.

Users with shoulder or upper-body injuries or those with limited mobility will also benefit from the front-facing handles. The handles allow the athlete to control the load without placing undue strain on the shoulder joint that occurs in a traditional barbell grip.

Cushioned collar padding for outstanding comfort. A cushioned collar pad offers comfort for the neck and shoulders, preventing direct contact with the metal bar. The collar creates a comfortable, stable point of contact between the shoulders and bar. The cushioned collar is also fully-molded around the bar, free from poor quality Velcro that can deteriorate over time.