GymWipes® Sanitizer Wipes Packs

The most convenient way to keep your facility and equipment clean!

Packs include your choice of wipes (1 bucket + 1 refill) and your choice of an institutional-quality dispenser w/ built-in receptacle. Premium packs add a hand sanitizer station (that mounts on dispenser) and four Stage2™ Antibacterial Sanitizer refills.

Choose from 4 wipes:

  • Advantage™ Wipes are the original, specially formulated way to quickly remove sweat and grime from almost any surface. Comes in 900 count buckets or 900 count refill.
  • MegaRoll™ Wipes are biodegradable towelettes that clean and deodorize all surfaces. They are thinner than the other wipes and come in a 1,200 count bucket or 1,200 count refill.
  • Antibacterial Force™ Wipes are full-spectrum, EPA-registered disinfectant wipes that are 'double thick' to stay wet 30% longer. 800 count bucket or 800 count refill.
  • Revolution™ Wipes are a bleach-free virucidal/fungicidal wipe that kills on contact. Combats MRSA, Staph and other bacteria. Comes in an 800 count top-dispensing bucket or 800 count refill.

Bucket and refill wipes are sold separately. 


Wall Dispenser, 13"H x 10" dia, 5lb

  • Item No: 06-385
  • Unit: Ea
  • In Stock
  • Price: $59.95

Stainless Steel Dispenser, 36"H x 13-1/2" dia; 30 lb

  • Item No: 06-386
  • Unit: Ea
  • In Stock
  • Price: $399.00


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