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Gopher Ignition Interval Timer

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Programmable Up/Down and Tabata timer is perfect for circuit training.

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  • Basic capabilities and economical price point make this timer a perfect fit for any gym environment.
  • Timer features both count up and count down functions, as well as preprogrammed TABATA timer capabilities.
  • All-metal housing provides outstanding durability in commercial settings.
  • 5" tall LED lighting can be seen from up to 200' away, indoors or out. Timer can also be controlled from up to 120’ away via an included remote.

Essential timing features. This TABATA timer includes all of the modes and settings critical for timed workouts and training. Use it to simply count up or down, or choose pre-programmed TABATA training. TABATA is a popular form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) with 20 seconds of full-on fitness and 10 seconds of rest between burst exercises, generally repeated for 8 total rounds. As a default, the timer displays the current time.

Great for group gyms, the primary function of this timer is the "Fight Gone Bad" setting – a setting popular among CrossFit and burst training programs. When set, the clock will count down from 10, then buzz once per minute for 5 minutes to signal exercise changes. After a 5-minute interval, the clock will buzz twice to begin a 1-minute rest round, with the entire sequence running a total of 3 times.

Remote control capabilities. Instead of having to stop and walk over to the clock after each exercise or set of intervals, athletes can reset and control the timer from afar via remote. Infrared signal from the remote enables control up to 120 ft away. Set count up/down times or start/stop the timer with just a few simple presses of the button.

Easy-to-see LED numbers. Bright red, 5"H LED numerals ensure this TABATA timer is seen from anywhere in the room. Mount the timer on the wall for all to see, no matter if it’s in the weight room, next to an indoor court, or anywhere else your athletes may be training. Numerals are easily visible from up to 200 ft away.

  • Measures: 21"L x 3"W x 8½"H