Detonate BARricade Bar Racks

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Save floor space with easy-access wall-mounted barbell racks!

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  • Locking and non-locking rack options are available.
  • Rack holds up to 10 bars at once, preserving precious floor space and promoting organization in your weight room.
  • Racks are lined with a soft sleeve that protects bars and prevents metal-on-metal contact.
  • Mount racks on a variety of surfaces for a sturdy, stable solution to barbell storage.

Safe, yet accessible storage. As opposed to vertical bar racking systems that try to “balance" bars when slotted, this barbell run rack offers full support and security for bars at all times. Rather than lifting the full weight of a bar up and out of the slot, this system presents bars horizontally for simple, balanced removal. Locking rack option presents additional security, preventing bars from being removed entirely when rack is locked. Racks hold up to 10 bars at once.

Longevity for bars. Horizontal barbell racks actively preserve the integrity of bars as opposed to vertical racks. Bars that are forcefully slotted into a vertical sleeve can experience damage to bearings and bushings over time, causing them to break. Horizontal racks eliminate this problem entirely, providing poly sleeve lines in the part of the rack the bars rest on. There is no metal-on-metal contact, meaning no scuffs or marring.

Anchoring and mounting hardware included. It’s recommended to seek the assistance of a qualified contractor for any unit that requires installation to the wall or floors.