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Freestanding Sneeze Guards

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The safest method for separating athletes in tight training spaces.

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With most weight rooms arranged in a manner that maximizes the equipment density per square foot, the arrangement of platforms and training stations often does not allow for physical distancing. These 6’H and 8’H sneeze guards erect a protective barrier between athletes and permit training in close proximity without the threat of transferring bacteria or viruses.

Translucent 1/8” thick acrylic guards are durable and easy to clean. Freestanding design features a sturdy steel frame that provides stability as well as the opportunity to connect with additional units to extend the length of the barrier. Position these 6’H and 8’H x 4’W options between platforms, power racks, or stations in a functional space to drastically improve the safety of your weight room.


Get Your Weight Room Back

Walk into a pre-COVID weight room and you’d likely see a lot of athletes standing close-together with just enough space between them all to allow for safe training. In today’s climate, that’s simply not good enough. So, what are coaches to do? Moving all the equipment in the weight room isn’t exactly a prudent (or fun) course of action. Enter rack-mounted and freestanding sneeze guards.


Rack-Mounted Sneeze Guards

These are an ideal solution for facilities that have power racks, half racks, or double half racks that are in close proximity. 1/8” acrylic plexiglass panes create a transparent barrier that prevents athletes from spreading viruses and bacteria to other stations. Available in widths of 42” –48” they fit virtually any rack size from upright to upright, and are available in a variety of heights all the way up to 72” for maximal protection. Panes affix to rack uprights using industrial strength double-sided tape, and are easily wiped down in between uses with conventional disinfectants.


Freestanding Sneeze Guards

Freestanding sneeze guards are the perfect solution to safely separate athletes lifting at bordering platforms or stations. Similar to the wall-mounted options, freestanding sneeze guards are comprised of 1/8” acrylic panes, but feature a steel frame and base that occupies 4’ of width and either 6’ or 8’ of height. Positioning these perpendicularly between platforms, or parallel in front or behind them, can effectively protect other athletes in the vicinity. Furthermore, freestanding models can be daisy-chained to create longer barriers in 4’ increments for blocking off entire training areas.