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UltraFit Professional Total Fitness Rooms
Speed Pro Pack
TRX Weightroom Sets

TRX Weightroom Sets

Medicine Ball Plyo Sets
Bumper Plate Platform Packs
Warrior HQ Anchor Station Packs
Warrior StrongHold Anchor Station Packs
VariStore Weight Bench
Gopher Barbell Sets

Gopher Barbell Sets

UltraFit Pro Fitness Bar Packs
UltraFit Fitness Bar Packs
ClassPlus BOSU Packs

ClassPlus BOSU Packs

BOSU Sport Packs

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Buy convenient packs of quality fitness equipment form Gopher Performance to easily equip the whole gym or team!

Whether coaches and trainers are looking to furnish a new fitness room, or to refresh tired, old implements with a new arsenal, our comprehensive fitness packs get the job done. These packs are complete training solutions that include everything needed to train large groups out of the box.

Each pack comes loaded with top-quality Gopher equipment that lends professional appeal to your space. Several options cater to your needs. Our largest pack allows coaches to furnish a new facility instantly or training without a dedicated fitness space. Our cross-training packs make it easy to get started with this popular programming style.

If your gym is established but some equipment is looking rough around the edges, check out specialized equipment packs to replace or add quality equipment like barbells, fitness bars, conditioning ropes, or stability balls.

Transform your fitness space with training packs bought from Gopher Performance!