Facilitated Stretching Book & DVD Set

Cutting-edge tools assess muscle function, improve range of motion, and more!

Provides a useful overview of PNF stretching—an easy-to-use method of stretching a muscle, contracting it, then stretching it again to a new range of motion. Over 350 photos illustrate stretch progression. Paperback. Full-size, 192 pages. 2007 (3rd ed.). Included 60-minute DVD demonstrates stretching and strengthening in detail.

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Part I. The Prerequisites
Chapter 1

  • Understanding the Basics of Stretching
  • Types of Muscle Contractions
  • Reflexes Relevant to Stretching
  • Types of Stretching
  • Guidelines for Stretching

Chapter 2 

  • Focusing on Facilitated Stretching
  • Overview of PNF
  • From PNF Stretching to Facilitated Stretching
  • Guidelines for Performing Facilitated Stretches
  • Detailed Sequence for Facilitated Stretching
  • Safety Considerations for Facilitated Stretching
  • Effect of Fatigue on Stretcher and Partner

Chapter 3.

  • Using the Spiral-Diagonal Patterns of PNF 
  • Practicing the Patterns as Free Movement
  • Stretching With the Patterns
  • Strengthening With the Patterns

Part II. The Stretches
Chapter 4 

  • Stretches for the Lower Extremity
  • Hip Extensors: Hamstrings and Gluteus Maximus
  • Hip Rotators: Piriformis
  • Hip Abductors
  • Hip Adductors
  • Hip Flexors: Quadriceps Group
  • Hip Flexors: Psoas and Iliacus
  • Plantar Flexors: Gastrocnemius and Soleus
  • Toe Flexors: Flexor Hallucis Longus, Flexor Digitorum Longus
  • Dorsiflexors: Anterior Tibialis
  • Toe Extensors: Extensor Hallucis Longus, Extensor Digitorum Longus
  • Evertors--Peroneal (Fibularis) Group; Invertors--Tibialis Anterior and Posterior
  • Spiral-Diagonal Patterns for the Lower Extremity

Chapter 5 

  • Stretches for the Upper Extremity
  • Shoulder Stabilizers
  • Pectoralis Major, Biceps, Triceps
  • Muscles of the Wrist and Hand
  • Spiral-Diagonal Patterns for the Upper Extremity

Chapter 6

  • Stretches for the Neck and Torso
  • Muscles of the Neck
  • Muscles of the Torso

Part III. Beyond the Basics
Chapter 7 

  • Combining Techniques to Release Fibrotic Tissue
  • Modifying Fibrotic Tissue to Reduce Pain and Restore Range of Motion
  • Blending Soft Tissue Work and Facilitated Stretching
  • Releasing Fibrotic Tissue: Six Examples

Chapter 8

  • Stretching Routines for Specific Activities
  • Running
  • Throwing and Racket Sports
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Everyday Sequence
  • Rusty Hinges

Chapter 9

  • Routines for Common Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Caring for Acute and Chronic Injuries
  • Focusing on Upper Body Conditions
  • Focusing on Lower Body Conditions




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