Bigger Faster Stronger Book

The complete conditioning system for today's high school and college athletes.

Paperback. Full-size, 240 pages. 2009 (2nd ed.).


Part I: The Total Program
1. A Unified Approach to Training
2. BFS Rotational Set-Rep Program
3. BFS In-Season Program
4. BFS Readiness Program

Part II: Strength Exercises
5. Six Absolutes of Perfect Technique
6. Squat and Squat Variations
7. Power Clean and Quick Lifts
8. Hex Bar Deadlift and Deadlift Variations
9. Bench Press and Bench Press Variations
10. Sport-Specific Auxiliary Lifts

Part III: Speed, Agility, and Flexibility
11. Agility and the BFS Dot Drill
12. Five-Phase Plyometric Program
13. Speed Training
14. BFS 1-2-3-4 Flexibility Program

Part IV: Program Administration
15. Organization and Weight Room Design
16. Weight Training Safety
17. Nutrition
18. Be an Eleven
19. Why Steroids Don’t Work


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