Athletic Body in Balance Book and DVD

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Train for smooth, fluid movements that optimize stability and prevent injury.

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Difficult movements are made to look easy. Detailed instruction allows all ages and abilities to learn quickly, with proper technique. Paperback. Full-size, 232 pages. 2003. DVD is 60 minutes.

Part I. Athletic Movement
Chapter 1. Mind and Movement
Chapter 2. Identifying Weak Links
Chapter 3. Analyzing Movement
Chapter 4. Developing Resistance to Injury

Part II. Mobility and Stability
Chapter 5. Mobility and Stability Testing
Chapter 6. Balance Training
Chapter 7. Core Training

Part III. Strength and Endurance
Chapter 8. Strength and Endurance Testing
Chapter 9. Movement Imbalance Training
Chapter 10. Strength and Endurance Exercises

Part IV. Power, Speed, and Agility
Chapter 11. Power, Speed, and Agility Testing
Chapter 12. Speed and Quickness Training
Chapter 13. Power, Speed, and Agility Drills

Part V. Performance Programs
Chapter 14. Rotation and Swinging
Chapter 15. Throwing and Striking
Chapter 16. Jumping and Kicking
Chapter 17. Cutting and Turning
Chapter 18. Progress Evaluation

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