Gatorade® Whey Protein Packets


Scientifically formulated to help athletes recover quickly from intense training.

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  • Protein powder is high in the essential amino acids proven to provide the nutrients necessary for fast recovery.
  • Easily digestible ingredients help get nutrients to the damaged tissue quickly.
  • Great tasting chocolate flavor.
  • Contains an optimal protein-to-carbohydrate ratio for quickly refueling glycogen stores and shuttling amino acids to damaged muscles.
  • NCAA-approved.
  • 24 servings per box.

Simply mix with water and shake. Convenient, single-serve pouches mix with water to create a great-tasting protein shake that delivers the essential amino acids athletes need to recover after intense training. High-quality milk and whey deliver 20g of protein to rebuild muscle, while 45 g of carbohydrates replenish energy stores.

Rich chocolate flavor is deliciously satisfying, without the chalky aftertaste some protein shakes have. The NCAA-compliant formula delivers an optimal ratio of proteins-to-carbohydrates, making it an ideal fuel for student athletes.

Packaged with 24 individual servings per box, making it easy to distribute to an entire team.