Gatorade Thirst Quencher Powder Packs


Optimal hydration in classic flavors for athletes giving their all.

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  • A scientifically researched, time-tested method for replacing lost electrolytes and depleting energy stores.
  • Easy-to-use powders can be mixed into a large cooler for teams, or individual bottles for personal use.
  • Choose from delicious Glacier Freeze, Riptide Rush, and Lemon-Lime.
  • Available in 3 different package sizes based on liquid yield: 2-1/2 ga pouches (32 ea; 80 ga total), 6 ga pouches (14 ea; 84 ga total), and 9 ga canister (6 ea, 54 ga total).

Time-tested, athlete-approved formula. When athletes sweat, they lose more than water – they lose key electrolytes that are crucial to performance. Formula contains 160mg sodium and 45mg potassium per serving to regulate fluid balance, deliver optimal electrolyte ratios and keep athletes working hard throughout long training sessions and games.

Scientifically formulated with 21g of easily-digestible carbohydrate to help athletes fill, maintain, and replenish energy stores before, during, and after exercise to stay at the top of their game.