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"Ever since we started buying our barbells from Gopher, working with them has been a no-brainer."

-Coach Scott Meier
NHSSCA MN State Director

Here is what Scott had to say about his experience:

Q: What is the biggest reason you continue to work with Gopher Performance?

A: Outside of the product, the satisfaction guarantee and the customer service. No other company we've worked with backs their products like Gopher, and anything we've needed has been addressed quickly.

Q: Was there anything about working with Gopher Performance that surprised you?

A: We didn't get to see a lot of the product ahead of time. When it arrived, the quality really exceeded our expectations. It's all incredibly well-made, and heavy-duty.

Q: How did you determine what product to purchase?

A: We had an idea of what we wanted, but Gopher really helped us dial in product options, sizes, and quantities that met our needs based on the ages and number of athletes we work with.

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