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Functional Fitness Packs
Evolution Medicine Balls
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Double Ab Wheel
Detonate Force Sandbags
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UltraFit Fitness Bars
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Chain Gain

Chain Gain

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Ballast Weight Sled
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BOSU NexGen Balance Trainers
ExerFit Workout Mats
ExerFit Mini Workout Mat

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Buy convenient home gym equipment from Gopher Performance for maximum gains at a great value.

When performing at-home exercises, it’s easy to fall back on simple bodyweight movements due to tight quarters and budget constraints. But it’s no secret that access to high-quality gym equipment can transform athlete motivation and effectiveness. Whether you’re looking for TRX trainers, workout mats, or BOSU balance trainers, Gopher Performance offers affordable, versatile equipment to keep your home training program going strong long after sit-ups and crunches go stale.

As a natural extension to bodyweight movements, our durable resistance bands and tubes are affordable, compact tools for building total body strength at home. Add resistance to squats and leg extensions or easily create variable difficulty for bicep curls, rows, and more. Bands and tubes are effortless to set up and store, there’s no excuse for not getting a great workout at home.

Our indestructible medicine balls bring high-intensity conditioning and plyometrics to any garage. From wall balls to overhead tosses and chops, they feature ideal construction for long-lasting use and abuse. If you’re looking for prefilled sandbags to avoid the messy setup in the living room, our adjustable AlterForce bags serve as a convenient alternative to Olympic lifts. They allow athletes to quickly adjust load by adding or removing sealed filler bags.

Those with more extensive garage gym setups will benefit from larger equipment like our wall-mount pull-up bar, push sled, flat bench. Or choose from a variety of other weightlifting equipment to sculpt your home exercise routine.

Buy affordable and versatile home gym equipment from Gopher Performance.