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Freestanding Sneeze Guards
Vertical-Mounted Sneeze Guards
Acrylic Clamp-On Wall Extenders
18"H Corrugated Plastic Desktop Sneeze Guard Sets
Clear Vinyl Drape Panels with Pipe Pockets
Portable Clear Vinyl Barrier
Portable Hallway Barrier
Desktop Sneeze Guard
Acrylic Partitions
See-Through Divider Shields
Acrylic Desktop Divider
Freestanding Tabletop Dividers
Polycarbonate Angled Desktop Dividers
Polycarbonate Angled Tabletop Dividers
Chair Attachment Shield
Acrylic Desktop Sneeze Guard
Deluxe Vinyl Divider with Clamp
Magnus Floor Barriers
Whiteboard Barriers

Whiteboard Barriers

Clear Mobile Plastic Barrier
1-Way Vinyl Divider with Stand
Hanging Barrier Shields
Acrylic Dividers with Locking Legs and Handle
Clear Vinyl Drape Panels with Grommets
16"H Portable Desktop Sneeze Guards
18"H Portable Desktop Sneeze Guards
12"H Corrugated Plastic Desktop Sneeze Guard Sets
Acrylic Desktop Dividers with Feet
Acrylic Tabletop Dividers with Feet
Carousel Tabletop Dividers
Attachable Tabletop Dividers