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EcoFit Yoga Mats


Our best, most durable yoga mats are easy on your skin!

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  • Eco-friendly material uses a manufacturing process that reduces waste and chemicals in the product, so it's much safer on skin than traditional yoga mats.
  • Dual-colored blue/green, textured surface is visually appealing and provides the best tack in a yoga mat.
  • Wavy texture on the bottom ensures the mat staysflat and stationary during use.
  • 7mm thickness provides our most comfortable mat.
  • 72"L x 24"W x 7mm thick.

The perfect combination of features for a premier yoga mat. Our premium material is created using a special manufacturing process that eliminates waste and limits the use of harsh chemicals.

Tacky, textured surface provides outstanding feel, allowing for the most complex positions to be attempted without a feeling of instability. Wavy bottom texture ensures the mat won't move during use on any surface. 7mm thickness provides excellent support and a comfortable workout.