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DualFit Yoga Mat


Eco-friendly jute yoga mats offer unmatched durability for double the value!

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  • Mats feature a jute blend on one side and ecofriendly polymer environmental resin (PER) on the other.
  • Jute is a natural fiber that offers incredible durability due to its naturally high tensile strength.
  • PER is environmentally friendly and safe on skin.
  • Provides excellent tack and grip on the floor, which makes them ideal for movements with quick transitions.
  • Distinctive natural look that's beautiful in any facility.
  • Available in 5mm thickness.

Natural materials. Jute is a natural vegetable fiber with a root-like texture that offers exceptional durability, together with a unique earthy look in a yoga mat. Eco-friendly polymer environmental resin (PER) is manufactured using a process that eliminates many chemicals and wasted by-products, making it safer on users' skin.

Durable. Historically used in a wide range of textiles, jute possesses a strength similar to that of fiberglass mesh. It will withstand years of use and outperform similarly sized foam mats.