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Pilates Ring

Pilates Ring

UltraFit Foam Yoga Block
UltraFit Laminated Yoga Charts
EcoFit Cork Yoga Block
PowerPose Yoga Balance Boards
Gopher Yoga Wheel
Yoga Strap
IsoBarre Ballet Barres

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Keep athletes in top shape with yoga and Pilates equipment from Gopher Performance!

Yoga and Pilates strengthen, align, and stretch the body, allowing athletes to move better during more strenuous physical activities. Add these restorative modalities to a well-rounded recovery plan or ramp up the difficulty for a serious full-body conditioning workout.

Start with the most essential yoga equipment, mats, and Pilates rings. Comfortable mats protect users from hard flooring and are available in various thicknesses and eco-friendly material. Pilates rings work the thighs, arms, and chest while practicing on the mat.

We also offer a wide variety of helpful accessories. Yoga blocks and straps assist movements for athletes with lower flexibility or who are rehabbing from injury. Balance boards replace mats, adding extra challenge to any movement. Instructional yoga charts can be posted around the gym or studio to show proper form without close supervision.

Buy yoga and Pilates equipment from Gopher Performance!