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Demolition™ Sandbags

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Simply the toughest sandbags available.

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  • Demolition™ sandbags feature the industry's most durable cover that prevents tears, scratches, and other damage
  • These sandbags are fixed-weight and come pre-filled for convenience.
  • Feature a more rigid design with just the perfect amount of give, offering better stability during cleans and carries.
  • Available in individually in 8 sizes from 10-60 lb, or in two convenient packs with storage.
  • Volume of the bag increases as weight increases.

Sandbags constructed for durability. Ultra-durable cover and multiple handles enable these versatile sandbags to stand up to commercial use and abuse. Specially-formulated cover features reinforced stitching at the seams, allowing sandbags to take a beating without ripping or cracking. Special interior construction prevents weight from shifting around and helps bags maintain their shape at all times.

Designed for better control. Demolition™ Sandbags are fixed-weight and come pre-filled, preventing over-filling or mishandling during setup. The proprietary inner design helps sandbags retain shape at all times, allowing users to experience consistent movement dynamics rep after rep, regardless of weight. Rigid design offers some give, but won't flop around during controlled movements. Tacky, ergonomic handles are situated perfectly for an endless amount of sandbag exercises.

Demolition™ Sandbags are available in packs with storage and charts or Individually in 8 weights.

  • Packs. Include 9 bags, 1 UltraFit™ Steel Storage Rack, and 3 UltraFit™ Training Charts.
    • Light Pack (3 ea 10 lb; 2 ea 15, 20, 25 lb)
    • Heavy Pack (3 ea 30 lb; 2 ea 40, 50, 60 lb)
  • Individual Sandbags
    • 10 lb
    • 15 lb
    • 20 lb
    • 25 lb
    • 30 lb
    • 40 lb
    • 50 lb
    • 60 lb


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