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Detonate Force Sandbags

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Fitness sandbags are a Force to be reckoned with!

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  • Sandbags feature incredibly durable rip-stop vinyl material that’s highly-resistant to tearing, with triple-stitched seams for added durability.
  • Cover wipes clean and won't absorb moisture.
  • Sandbags are fixed-weight and come pre-filled, so users experience the same movement dynamics rep after rep, regardless of weight. Makes it easy for coaches and trainers to assign weight to athletes and users.
  • Tacky, ergonomic handles allow users to perform numerous sandbag exercises safely.
  • Available in 8 sizes from 10 lb to 60 lb, volume increases as weight increases, enabling any user to find a sandbag that works for their size and skill level.
  • Available individually or in convenient packs with stationary storage.

Incredibly durable fitness sandbags. These sandbags are primed to be tough! They feature a moisture-resistant cover, triple-stitched seams, and shape-retaining core. Bags are puncture-resistant and non-marring, making them optimal for commercial training facilities. Bags come pre-filled with a fixed-weight, no-bladder design, ensuring they’re never subject to overfilling or the stress that comes with improper filling.

Rigid, supported design for a range of workouts. Grab gym sandbags by any of their 10 ergonomic TPR handles to perform a wide range of exercises. Bags feature a more rigid design with the perfect amount of give to support lifts, cleans, and other movements. Great grip and controlled weight keep athletes safer and promote better results among various workouts.

Individual or pack options for optimal training. Gyms, athletic clubs, and other training facilities can easily bring sandbag training to their athletes with individual bags or pack options. Individual bags are optimal for controlled training sessions, while packs offer a complete range of weights for various levels of experience and strength.

Detonate Force Sandbags are available in Packs with storage and charts or Individually in 8 weights.

  • Packs. Include 10 bags, 1 UltraFit Steel Storage Rack, and 3 UltraFit Training Charts.
    • Light Pack (3 ea 15, 20 lb; 2 ea 10, 25 lb)
    • Heavy Pack (3 ea 30, 40 lb; 2 ea 50, 60 lb)
  • Individual Sandbags
    • 10 lb
    • 15 lb
    • 20 lb
    • 25 lb
    • 30 lb
    • 40 lb
    • 50 lb
    • 60 lb