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AlterForce Sandbags

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The first adjustable training sandbag of its kind provides 4 sandbags in 1!

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  • Quickly alter the weight of the bag by adding or removing the 4 filler bags.
  • Our most durable adjustable sandbag features a ripstop vinyl cover that is tear- and moisture-resistant.
  • Handles and seams are triple stitched with high-tensile thread. AlterForce has more handles than any other adjustable sandbag!
  • Glossy black cover with colored embroidered logo looks professional.

Incredible versatility and performance. No other adjustable sandbag provides greater training versatility. Each AlterForce sandbag has the capacity to accommodate 4 pre-filled filler bags in predetermined weights to create 4 different effective training weights per bag. Unlike other adjustable bags that are filled with pods that can shift throughout the bag and creates lumps, these filler bags are evenly-weighted throughout a tube that extends the length of the bag for optimal distribution, regardless of how many filler bags are used. Zippered end provides easy access to filler bags.

Multiple handle configurations ensure proper grip alignment for any sandbag exercise from slams, carries, cleans, presses, and more. Neoprene filler bags can be used individually for carries or added resistance to bodyweight movements like squats, pull-ups, and more. Bags ship prefilled.

Durability. As our most durable adjustable sandbags, they're made with tear-resistant vinyl with triple-stitched seams so they hold up to heavy use. The cover is incredibly easy to clean since it's naturally moisture-resistant. Multiple high-quality ergonomic handles provide a great grip and accommodate various workouts.


  • Light (10-40 lb), 25"L x 9" dia
  • Medium (20-80 lb), 33"L x 10" dia
  • Heavy (30-120 lb), 33"L x 12" dia
  • Complete Set. Includes 1 of each size (3 total)


No longer just a fringe conditioning tool

Sandbags were formerly only used in strongman or as a means of conditioning tactical athletes. Now they're used for everything from improving hip extension power in athletes, to teaching novice athletes basic movement patterns. Coaches have embraced the use of sandbags to train their clients and athletes, that's we why created a sandbag that provides the durability and versatility they need to train any population.


Adjustable-Load Options

Alterforce sandbags are available in 3 sizes, designed to meet the loading demands of elite and novice athletes. With loading options from 10lb to 120lb, everyone from youth athletics to professional sports will have an option that meets their needs.


Prefilled Weight Bags Included

At Gopher, we aim for products that are ready to use right out of the box. Each Alterforce Sandbag features four evenly-weighted filler bags that come pre-filled with sand. Exchanging bags is simple with the zippered, and velcro-reinforced endcap that allows for fast load changes. Filler bags are heavily-layered with neoprene and nonporous inner bags to prevent sand from leaking on floors.


Optimal balance and load distribution

All other adjustable sandbags feature small bricks that make it impossible to evenly distribute the load throughout the entirety of the bag, creating floppy bags that are challenging to handle. Alterforce Sandbags instead feature innovative cylindrical filler bags that evenly spread load throughout the length of the bag, allowing for greater balance during sandbag training.


Choice materials for optimal function

Alterforce Sandbags feature a ripstop vinyl cover that is both tear-resistant, and waterproof. Take them indoors or out, in all conditions without fear of damaging the bag or other equipment. Smooth, durable vinyl easily wipes clean with standard disinfectant wipes or towels.


An ergonomic, thoughtful design that athletes will love

Like all of our sandbags, the Alterforce features a variety of handle options that increase their versatility allowing users to perform a variety of exercises that would be impossible with homemade or alternative bags. Proprietary rubber handles are easy to clean between uses, and offer incredible grip during dynamic exercises like sandbag cleans and slams.