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UltraFit Resistance Bands

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Improve strength and fitness with convenient, customizable resistance bands.

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  • Resistance bands are perfect for warmup/activation before heavy training, rehab, and light resistance work.
  • Flat, 6"W band is comfortable on skin and won't bunch or roll up like thinner bands.
  • Available in 3 levels of resistance from Light to Heavy. Color-coded to easily identify resistance level.
  • Long 50-yard rolls allow users to cut bands to a specific length for athletes of different skill levels and heights.

Versatile resistance bands for training. Resistance bands have a place in any training regimen as a precursor to strenuous activity. Bands loosen muscles to activate and warm up the body safely, without fear of overexertion. Great before heavy lifting, resistance training, bodyweight exercises, and rehabilitation work. Use bands for both upper- and lower-body warm-ups.

As an example, athletes can loop resistance bands around knees, ankles or feet to perform a variety of exercises that activate lateral glutes. Use strength bands to perform lateral shuffles, monster walks, and other movements that activate glute medium, glute maximus, glute minimus and TFL—all of which play crucial roles in hip extension and knee stabilization.

Comfortable, accommodating band design. Unlike thinner resistance bands, flat, 6"W band is comfortable on skin and won't bunch or roll up during movements. 3 levels of resistance are color-coded for easy identification of Light, Medium, and Heavy.

UltraFit Resistance Bands are available in 2 varieties, in 3 resistance levels.

  • Varieties
    • Latex-Free
    • Low-Powder
  • Resistance Levels
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Heavy