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UltraFit Protex Resistance Tubing

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Ballistic-strength nylon sheathing makes this the toughest and safest resistance tubing on the market!

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  • Ballistic-strength nylon sheathing provides a firm stop just before the tubing reaches its breaking point.
  • 48" long tubing uses a special layering process to make the underlying latex incredibly durable.
  • Available in standard plastic or an upgraded foam handle.
  • Tubing is colored for easy resistance identification across 4 levels of resistance.
  • Available individually or in convenient packs with mobile storage.

Unparalleled Strength. As opposed to traditional rubber, ProTex® Resistance Tubing is made with a seatbelt-grade nylon sheathing that prevents the tubing from stretching beyond its breaking point. High-traffic facilities will enjoy the longevity of this tubing without need of replacement year-after-year.

4 Levels of Resistance for Tubing Variety. For gyms and other training facilities, ProTex™ Resistance Tubing comes in 4 distinct levels to cater to the training needs of all athletes. Each resistance level is colored for easy identification, promoting progression from one level to the next. Bands are also available with standard plastic or upgraded foam handles. Both are designed to provides enhanced grip and comfort, and won't become slippery even when hands are sweaty.

Tubing also comes in complete ClassPlus™ Packs, for a one-and-done solution to furnishing your facilities. Packs include also steel UltraFit™ TubeMover™ Carts and laminated UltraFit™ instructional charts.

ProTex™ Resistance Tubing is available in packs, or individually in 4 resistance levels. Choose from foam or plastic handle grip material.

  • ClassPlus™ 32-Tube Packs. Include 8 Light, 16 Medium, and 8 Heavy tubes, cart, and UltraFit™ Resistance Tubing Training Charts.
  • ClassPlus™ 48-Tube Packs. Include 12 Light, 24 Medium, and 12 Heavy tubes, cart, and UltraFit™ Resistance Tubing Training Charts.
  • Individual Tubing
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    • X-Heavy