Speed-Wear™ Weighted Apparel

The most comfortable weighted apparel you can buy!

Flexible, breathable fabric and a tight, adjustable fit for longer, more comfortable training. The 1-1/2 lb FlexMetalweights bend with your body and can be inserted in any of the tight pockets for unhindered movement. Short Vest (10 lb) goes down to the sternum. Long Vest (17 lb) goes down to belly button. Speed Pants™ (9 lb) are worn like chaps and go to mid-thigh. Shoe Irons (3 lb total) are worn over your shoes. Each is available individually and the Short Vests also come in a Team Pack with 8 vests and a heavy-duty, mobile steel rack. Fully assembled. 

Gopher Performance - Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee