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ProTex Resistance Loops

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Our most comfortable and durable resistance loops!

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  • Seatbelt grade nylon sheathing provides durable protection for the loop inside; also creates a firm stop before the loop reaches its breaking point to keep users safe and your loops intact.
  • Sheathing feels more comfortable against skin than plain latex loops.
  • Versatile, 13"L loop can be wrapped around the ankles, elbows, knees, or even feet for a variety of warmup and strength exercises.
  • Available in 4 resistance levels, from Light to X-Heavy.

Incredible durability and feel. Sheathing provides an extension limiter once users reach a range of motion that would otherwise break standard resistance loops. This extra layer helps extend the longevity of the loop, while protecting users from the sting of snapping loops.

Unlike latex loops which tend to roll, bunch, or slide during use – forcing users to re-position the band – our sheathed loops also stay in place better on the body for more comfortable use.

Movement versatility. ProTex Loops are fantastic tools for warm-ups. Athletes can wrap the loops around ankles, knees or feet to perform a variety of lateral, forward, and reverse shuffles to activate the hip abductors. These muscles are difficult to warm up correctly without the use of a tool like the ProTex Loops, and their function is critical to injury prevention and optimal performance in sport and training.

Users can also wrap the loops around wrists or elbows to perform a variety of banded rotations, pushups, and planks to warm up and strengthen the shoulder girdle.

Especially valuable for newer athletes, loop movements help them learn to activate the glute medius, which stabilizes the knee for greater control and injury prevention.