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ProTex™ Beast™ Strength Bands

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Now resistance bands are safer and more durable!

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We wrapped our Beast™ Strength Bands in our ballistic nylon ProTex™ sheathing to protect them from damage, wear, and to enhance safety. The ProTex™ sheathing also minimizes rubber odor and looks great. Use ProTex™ Beast™ Bands to add increasing resistance or decreasing assistance to lifts, pull-ups, presses, and more. Also very effective for stretching and for rehabilitation. Color-coded for easy identification and organization. Available individually or in packs with storage. 41”L x ?” thick.

Light Resistance Pack. Includes 8 bands (2 ea XX-Light and Light, 4 ea X-Light) and mesh bag.

Medium Resistance Pack. Includes 8 bands (2 ea X-Light and Medium, 4 Light) and a mesh bag.

Heavy Resistance Pack. Includes 8 bands (2 ea Light and Heavy, 4 ea Medium) and mesh bag.

Wall Rack Pack. Includes 25 bands (5 ea XX-Light, X-Light, Light, Medium, Heavy) and an all-steel Beast™ Band Wall Rack with color-coordinated pegs for efficient storage and selection. Pegs are 6"L x 3"W.


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