CommandPost™ Anchor Station

The best anchor station for group resistance training!

Typical resistance tube anchor options accommodate 1 user at a time, and are mounted to a wall or require the use of a door. Our all-steel CommandPost™ breaks the conventions of resistance tube training! The 84”H post fits in our portable anchor station, making it quick and easy to set up and take down so you can turn any space into a group training site – temporary or long term.
The 1-1/2” dia post features 3 rings for attaching tubes, allowing 360° access and enough room for an entire group to workout together. Adjustable mid and low attachment rings provide 11 possible height settings to accommodate users of all sizes. Push pins make it easy to adjust the rings, and keep them securely in place. The variable heights feature also allows you to target specific muscles, achieve a larger range of motion on exercises, and incorporate unlimited variety and creativity into your workouts. 
The CommandPost™ is designed for use with our revolutionary Warrior™ StrongHold™ 2.0 Anchor Station (34”dia; 70 lb) and at least four 45 lb weight plates (not included) for security. The portable StrongHold™ 2.0 serves as the base for the post, and doubles as a conditioning rope anchor station for up to 8 ropes (not included). The patent-pending design features smooth, rounded hooks so you simply place the middle of the rope over the hook and begin working out. This means less time threading entire ropes and more time training! The bottom of the anchor station is covered with a soft rubber to protect floors from damage. It also has a built-in handle for easy transport.
We took our top-notch and best-selling ProTex™ tubing and customized it for use with the CommandPost™. Sheathed for safety and longevity with a seat-belt grade nylon, ProTex™ tubing won’t overextend, and is protected from damage and wear and tear. We tailored each tube to feature a durable plastic handle on one end, and a carabiner on the other for easy attachment to the post – no more threading or looping – simply clip it on, and begin working out. Tubing is available in 5 resistances and is color-coded by level for quick selection and easy organization.
The powerful combination of the CommandPost™ and the StrongHold™ 2.0 makes it possible to engage 8 users in a versatile strength and cardio interval workout that’s safe, low impact, and effective.
Complete Packs include CommandPost™ with StrongHold™ 2.0 and tubing. Pack components are also sold separately. Truck delivery on Packs and CommandPost™ with StrongHold™ 2.0.
Light Pack. Includes 3 pr X-Light, 4 pr Light, 3 pr Medium resistance tubes.
Medium Pack. Includes 3 pr Light, 4 pr Medium, 3 pr Heavy resistance tubes.
Heavy Pack. Includes 3 pr Medium, 4 pr Heavy, 3 pr X-Heavy.
ProTex™ Tubing with Carabiner (available in pairs)
X-Light, Blue
Light, Green
Medium, Red


Tubing w/ Carabiner (X-Light, Light Blue)

  • Item No: 05-004
  • Unit: Pr
  • In Stock
  • Price: $44.95

Tubing w/ Carabiner (Light, Green)

  • Item No: 05-005
  • Unit: Pr
  • In Stock
  • Price: $46.95

Tubing w/ Carabiner (Medium, Red)

  • Item No: 05-006
  • Unit: Pr
  • In Stock
  • Price: $48.95

Tubing w/ Carabiner (Heavy, Blue)

  • Item No: 05-007
  • Unit: Pr
  • In Stock
  • Price: $50.95

X-Heavy, Black

  • Item No: 05-008
  • Unit: Pr
  • In Stock
  • Price: $52.95


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