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CommandPost Anchor Station


The best anchor station for group resistance training!

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  • Offers a universal station supporting up to 8 users simultaneously across a variety of conditioning rope and resistance tubing exercises.
  • Commandpost rests in our proprietary Stronghold Anchor Station that accommodates up to 8 conditioning ropes for circuit training.
  • 84" post provides 3 anchoring points that support both vertical and horizontal pushing and pulling movements with resistance tubing.
  • Includes the option to add nylon-sheathed ProTex tubing with a carabiner attachment.
  • Station can be weighted with Olympic plates to provide a solid foundation that won't tip during use.

Supports multiple athletes simultaneously. 84"H, 1½" dia post supports up to 3 rings for attaching tubes, enabling 360° access and enough room for group workouts. Adjustable mid and low attachment rings can be set to 11 possible height settings to accommodate users of all sizes. Adjust rings instantly via push pins that keep them securely in place once set.

The CommandPost is designed for use with the revolutionary Warrior StrongHold 2.0 Anchor Station (34"dia; 70 lb) and at least four 45 lb weight plates (not included) for security. The powerful combination of CommandPost and StrongHold 2.0 makes it possible to engage 8 users simultaneously in versatile strength and cardio interval workouts that are safe, low impact, and effective.

Total body workout potential. Execute a variety of vertical and horizontal pushing and pulling movements with resistance tubing. Variable heights enable trainees to target specific muscles, achieve a larger range of motion on exercises, and incorporate unlimited variety and creativity into workouts. Coaches and trainers can easily create unique resistance tubing circuits for their clients and athletes by anchoring ropes and tubing to different points of the station, to switch between strength training and conditioning.

Add tubing for a complete training solution. CommandPost includes the option to add nylon-sheathed ProTex Resistance Tubing via a carabiner attachment. ProTex tubing is the most durable resistance tubing option and provides a firm stop before tubing reaches its breaking point, to protect both tubing and users from breakage. Tubing features a durable plastic handle on one end and easy-clip carabiner on the other for instant access to working out. Tubing is available in 5 resistances and color-coded by level for quick selection and easy organization.

CommandPost Resistance Tubing Stations are available in packs with tubing. Additional station and tubing available separately. Truck delivery on packs and CommandPost with Stronghold 2.0.

  • Complete Packs. Include CommandPost with Warrior StrongHold 2.0 and 20 tubes.
    • Light Pack (3 pr X-Light, 4 pr Light, 3 pr Medium)
    • Medium Pack (3 pr Light, 4 pr Medium, 3 pr Heavy)
    • Heavy Pack (3 pr Medium, 4 pr Heavy, 3 pr X-Heavy)
  • CommandPost w/ Warrior StrongHold 2.0
  • UltraFit ProTex Tubing with Carabiner
    • X-Light, Light Blue
    • Light, Green
    • Medium, Red
    • Heavy, Blue
    • X-Heavy, Black