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AnchorPro Door Anchor


Takes resistance training anywhere there's a door!

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  • Door anchor for resistance bands slides easily between a door and frame, allowing users to quickly attach strength bands or resistance tubing for on-the-go strength training or mobility routines.
  • 43"L attachment is long enough to perform a wide range of exercises.
  • Uses a proprietary buckle and rubber loop to make assembly a breeze and protect bands or tubing from damage.

Perform banded mobility and strength training anywhere! Resistance band door anchor can be placed over the top of a door for vertical mobility work with bands, such as overhead distraction, or strength exercises like presses or tricep extensions.

Position the anchor at the side of a door frame for lateral strength exercises like tubing rows and presses; or use bands to perform a variety of mobility movements like hip distractions or banded bullies.

Finally, place underneath the door for added variety with tubing overhead presses, lateral raises, curls, and more. Bands can also be used to mobilize the front-rack position.