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NT Loops

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Upgrade resistance training with these innovative fabric loops!

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  • Offers a better way to train than latex bands or cables.
  • Use just one implement for a huge repertoire of movements to train the total hip complex.
  • Soft fabric won’t dig in during use and lasts for years in institutional settings.
  • Available in Sets of 3 or 6.
  • 50”L x 3”W.

Designed by world-famous coach Nick Tumminello, these durable fabric resistance bands provide more comfort, stability, and durability than traditional latex bands. Serious athletes will immediately feel sense the difference as they experience the better way to train the total hip complex. Whether used for hip extension and flexion, X-band walks, pull aparts, resisted push-ups, or a variety of other movements, you’ll get more performance out of every rep.

Plush 3"W fabric is comfortable for long sets and won’t cut in during prolonged use. The durable construction won’t peel, snap, or lose elasticity over time, making it feel at home in your cross-training box or other institutional setting. And with difficulties color-coded into the fabric, you’ll instantly grab the right band even in the heat of a fast-paced circuit. 50”L.

Band Options

  • NT Loop Burn (Red): Best for novice/intermediate students.
  • NT Loop Burn+ (Blue): Best for intermediate/advanced students.

Set Options

  • NT Loop Set. Includes 3 Burn loops and 3 Burn+ loops.
  • Burn+ Loop Set. Includes 3 Burn+ loops.
  • Burn Loop Set. Includes 3 Burn loops.