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UltraFit Lateral Toner
UltraFit Resistance Loops
TRX Rip Trainer
UltraFit Resistance Tubing Station
UltraFit Latex-Free Brawn Bands
UltraFit Protex Resistance Tubing
UltraFit Resistance Bands
MegaLoop Hip Band
Brawn Resistance Bands
Brawn Shorty Resistance Bands
ProTex Resistance Loops
Instrux Resistance Loops
Tubing Anchor System Tubing & Anchor
TRX Rip Trainer Resistance Tubing
UltraFit Pro Resistance Loops
NT Loops

NT Loops

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Buy top-notch resistance bands from Gopher Performance without stretching your program’s budget!

Resistance tubing is an important part of any resistance training regimen. Use bands to safely warm up athletes, assist bench presses, deadlifts, and stretches, and rehabilitate injured athletes.

Choose from a large selection of closed loops or bands or cut your own from a roll to create a custom length. Varying resistance levels will challenge athletes of all skill levels. Coaches can also involve the whole team with multi-user anchor stations, then tear down quickly with a variety of mobile storage carts and wall racks.

Purchase quality resistance bands from Gopher Performance!