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Evolution Medicine Balls

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Our flagship medicine ball offers exactly what's needed for high-intensity training.

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  • Proprietary cover is cushioned and tacky for higher performance during handling and dynamic exercises.
  • Reinforced seams and high-quality filling provide industry-best longevity and shape retention.
  • No-bounce construction makes balls easier to control during a variety of exercises from wall balls to plyometric throws
  • 14" dia is uniform across all weights.

Ideal construction for high performance medicine ball training. Panel design and tacky cover give users better grip. Athletes will easily handle the ball during plyometric exercises such as overhead tosses, chops, and passes, or conditioning exercises like wall balls, med ball sit-ups, and Russian twists. Reinforced seams with reinforced stitching improve longevity by preventing stretching and tears from repeated impact. Dense, high-quality filling, coupled with the proprietary cover, helps balls keep their shape for long-lasting use.

Variety of training modes. Uniform 14" dia across all weights allows users to experience similar handling feels as they progress through incremental weight levels. Smaller sizes are ideal for beginners and for plyometric training exercises, in which smaller weights help produce more force, quickly. Larger weights push advanced users to improve conditioning and endurance. The overall size of medicine balls makes them a little more difficult to handle than smaller balls, forcing users to work harder to maintain control during medicine ball exercises. For CrossFit trainers, 20 lb and 14 lb medicine balls are the standard sizes for wall balls.

Evolution Medicine Balls are available in sets with storage and instruction, or individually in 11 weights. Storage rack is also sold separately. Truck delivery on sets.

Set Options

  • 6-Ball Light Set includes 2 ea 4-8 lb balls, 6-ball rack, and charts.
  • 6-Ball Heavy Set includes 3 ea 14, 20 lb balls, 6-Ball Rack, and charts.
  • 9-Ball Light Set includes 2 ea 4, 8, 10 lb; 3 ea 6 lb balls, 9-ball rack, and charts.
  • 9-Ball Heavy Set includes 3 ea 10, 14, 20 lb balls, 9-Ball Rack, and charts.
  • 15-Ball Sets include choice of balls, X-Light (4 ea 4-8 lb; 3 ea 10 lb), Light (3 ea 6-14 lb), or Heavy (3 ea 10-16, 20 lb) 15-Ball Rack, and charts.
  • Wall Ball Set includes 15 balls (5 ea 10, 14, 20 lb), 15-Ball Rack, and charts.

Individual Balls

  • 4 lb, Red
  • 6 lb, Orange
  • 8 lb, Yellow
  • 12 lb, Blue
  • 10 lb, Green
  • 14 lb, Purple
  • 15 lb, Maroon
  • 18 lb, Gray
  • 20 lb, Black
  • 25 lb, Sky Blue
  • 30 lb, Light Green
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