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Evolution Kompact Medicine Balls

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Our flagship medicine ball in a compact 10" size for better control.

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  • Smaller, 10" diameter regardless of weight is ideal for plyometrics and handling exercises
  • Ball features an impressionable, tacky cover for better overall grip.
  • Each medicine ball offers reinforced seams and high-quality filling for better shape retention and longevity.
  • Non-bounce construction makes balls easier to control.

Ideal medicine ball for plyometric training and conditioning. At 10" in diameter, Evolution Kompact Medicine Balls provide athletes with much more control, which translates to greater force in plyometric exercises like chest passes and side tosses. Other, larger balls are not as easy to handle, which means they will not develop power in the same way. Raised panel design has a tacky cover, helping users get the best grip on the ball, to quickly apply force without it slipping away from their grasp. It also helps with catching and handling. Low-bounce construction further promotes control when performing dynamic exercises like wall balls, plyometric throws, and chops.

Quality materials for superior longevity. Each ball features strong, reinforced seams with extra stitching, to help balls hold up to longer, more intense usage. Medicine ball exercises like wall balls or big drops onto the floor require this sort of additional strength. Dense filling, combined with the soft cover, ensure balls keep their shape for years to come. Each ball features a weight identifier for quick selection and easy progression through weights.

Evolution Kompact Medicine Balls are available in sets with storage and instruction or Individually in 8 weights. Storage and instruction also sold separately. Truck delivery on sets.


  • 15-Ball Set.
    • Includes 3 ea 4-12 lb, mobile UltraFit 3-Tier Rack, and 3 laminated UltraFit Medicine Ball Training Charts.
  • 22-Ball Set.
    • Includes 3 ea 4-6 lb; 6 ea 8 lb; 5 ea 10-12 lb), mobile UltraFit 4-Tier Rack, and 3 laminated UltraFit Medicine Ball Training Charts.

Individual Balls

  • 4 lb, Red
  • 6 lb, Orange
  • 8 lb, Yellow
  • 10 lb, Green
  • 12 lb, Blue
  • 14 lb, Purple
  • 15 lb, Maroon
  • 18 lb, Gray
  • 20 lb, Black
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