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Enforcer Rubber Medicine Balls


Our best traditional high-bounce medicine balls are perfect for your plyometric training!

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  • Ball’s compressed core and firm cover make it ideal for bounce-back exercises like throws and slams.
  • Dimpled, tacky cover provides outstanding control during all types of explosive medicine ball exercises.
  • Incredibly easy to handle for core training. Russian twists, weighted v-ups, and more can be performed fluidly without worrying about grip.
  • Tough, molded-rubber exterior will never crack or split, even after heavy usage.
  • Each ball is color coded with weight identification markings for easy selection.

Outstanding grip and rebound for plyometric activity. Enforcer Medicine Balls increase training potential through a higher bounce, making them perfect for rebounding drills. Textured surface with dimples and basketball-like channels makes medicine balls extremely easy to throw and catch during partner medicine ball exercises. Overall, balls are ideal for plyometric training, with a grip allowing users to quickly produce force and bounce back that allows for fast, repeated repetitions in slams, wall tosses, and other exercises. Highly-contrasting colors help users avoid losing track of the ball.

Excellent durability. Reinforced rubber cover—coupled with seamless design—prevents balls from cracking. As a result, they hold up to years of use and abuse, even in high-intensity training situations.

Enforcer balls are available in Sets with storage and instruction charts or Individually in 6 weights. Truck delivery on Sets.


  • 5-Ball Rack Set.
    • Includes 1 ea 4-11, 15 lb, 5-Ball UltraFit Corner Rack, and UltraFit Medicine Ball Training Charts.
  • 10-Ball Rack Set.
    • Includes 2 ea 4-11, 15 lb, 10-Ball UltraFit Corner Rack, and UltraFit Medicine Ball Training Charts.
  • 3-Tier Rack Set.
    • Includes 15 balls (3 ea 4-8 lb; 2 ea 11-15 lb), 3-Tier UltraFit Rack, and UltraFit Medicine Ball Training Charts.
  • 4-Tier Rack Set.
    • Includes 22 balls (5 ea 4-8 lb; 3 ea 11 lb; 2 ea 12, 15 lb), 4-Tier UltraFit Rack, and UltraFit Medicine Ball Training Charts.

Individual Balls

  • 4 lb, Red, 7.5" dia
  • 6 lb, Orange, 8.5" dia
  • 8 lb, Yellow, 8.5" dia
  • 11 lb, Green, 9.5" dia
  • 12 lb, Blue, 9.5" dia
  • 15 lb, Purple, 9.5" dia
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