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Demolition Atlas Medicine Balls

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Our heaviest medicine balls allow you to take Atlas stone training indoors.

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  • At 18", this larger medicine ball challenges users’ coordination and stability.
  • Design makes it perfect for creating explosive strength with shouldering, carries, medicine ball cleans, and more.
  • Cover is similar to material used in body armor, offering unparalleled durability and strength, with ideal grip for strongman training.
  • Reinforced seams create a stronger hold that withstands heavy usage in all environments.

Add odd objects to your strength training. Training with odd objects and handling unstable loads helps enhance coordination and athleticism, while stabilizing the core. Atlas’ 18" dia and heavier weights makes them particularly difficult to control, forcing users to work harder during exercise. Various exercises such as cleans, carries, and shouldering have been used for decades to improve explosiveness and strength. Coupling these types of exercises with standard weight training creates well-rounded athleticism for sports and everyday life. Balls also help introduce proper lifting mechanics for any athletes who are new to weightlifting, allowing coaches to focus on midline stability when teaching the basics of deadlifting.

Feature-rich design for enhanced durability and indoor use. Low-bounce cover design makes it easy to learn strongman exercises indoors. Demolition Atlas Medicine Balls can be used safely on all flooring surfaces, unlike concrete stones, which can only be used outdoors or on heavy mats. Reinforced cover offers long-lasting strength, and features a tacky, impressionable cover that makes it easier for athletes to maintain their grip. Reinforced seams in the cover hold up to repeated drops. Sewn-in weight identifiers never fade and make it easy to distinguish each weight.

Demolition Atlas Medicine Balls are available in sets or Individually in 4 weights.


  • 180 lb Set.
    • Includes 3 balls (1 ea 40-80 lb).
  • 240 lb Set.
    • Includes 3 balls (1 ea 60-100 lb).

Individual Balls

  • 40 lb
  • 60 lb
  • 80 lb
  • 100 lb