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Impact Medicine Balls

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Safely boast strength with highly durable oversized medicine balls!

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  • Abrasion-resistant material withstands extreme impacts, taking workouts to the next level of intensity.
  • Double-reinforced stitching retains amazing ball shape after years of rough use and abuse.
  • Textured cover features better tack for the best grip and control during slams and standard medicine ball exercises.
  • 14" diameter is uniform across all weights.
  • Color-coded embroidered weight markers make weight selection and progression a breeze.

This is an oversized medicine ball you can slam again and again! It features a 14" dia cover in our all-new, technologically-advanced material, developed specifically for abrasion-resistance. Double-reinforced stitching holds panels tight and keeps the balls' shape for years. Durable construction resists tears throughout years of the roughest slams, drops, and plyometric work. Unique texturing on the cover provides ultimate grip and during fast-paced movements, allowing athletes to maximize intensity in the gym. Color-coded weight markers make it easy to identify the right weight. Weight markers are also embroidered on the cover, outlasting markers on other balls that are printed on.

Set Options. Sets include 1 mobile all-steel UltraFit Rack and 3 laminated UltraFit Medicine Ball Training Charts.

  • 6-Ball Set. Includes 3 ea 10, 14 lb balls.
  • 9-Ball Set. Includes 3 ea 10, 14, 20 lb balls.
  • 15-Ball Set. Includes 3 ea 10-20 lb balls.

Industry-leading durability

If your facility sees a lot of medicine ball throws and slams, you've likely been bitten by the less than ideal durability of most medicine balls. The combination of robust design, unrelenting shape, and optimal texture will make these the medicine ball that finally rewards you for your investment.


Bulletproof Construction

Easily the most durable medicine balls on the market, our Impact line incorporates a proprietary tear and abrasion-resistant cover material that withstands high-force impacts from throws, slams, and drops. Double-stitched seams with high-tensile strength thread ensure these will be the only medicine ball you'll ever consider buying again. If your medicine balls are dropped, slammed, or thrown consistently, look no further.


Outstanding Grip for Throws and Slams

Despite our aim to construct the most durable medicine ball on the market, we had no desire to compromise on feel. The Impact cover material touts incredible grip in tandem with its robust durability. Unlike comparable vinyl balls that get slippery and hinder grip, the Impact medicine balls maintain optimal feel when moisture from sweat or humidity persists.


Unbreakable Shape

Inferior medicine balls often arrive misshapen from sitting lopsided in inventory. Impact medicine balls feature greater rigidity than comparable soft-sided balls, allowing them to retain their shape for the long haul. Despite their enhanced rigidity, these balls still feature the characteristic softness and pliability that dampens impact and improves grip.


Thoughtful Set Options

Regardless of how your facility incorporates medicine balls in its programming, we have a set for you. We provide standard packs in 6, 9, and 15-ball combinations that provide a balanced assortment of weights, as well as plyometric packs that prioritize smaller weights for throws. Each pack features convenient, all-steel mobile storage.