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Evolution 2.0 Medicine Balls

Starting at $78.95

The high-performing Evolution, now with the best grip for dynamic medicine ball training.

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  • Proprietary cover material delivers the best grasp of any you'll find in a medicine ball.
  • Upgraded panel design and reinforced stitching ensure unparalleled durability over years of use.
  • A uniform 14" dia across weights allows users to experience a consistent function and feel, regardless of weight.
  • Balls are color-coded by weight to make selection easy.
  • No cheap fillers – premium-quality natural fill materials ensure medicine balls retain their shape over time.
  • Available in sizes 4 lb-30 lb and in sets of 6, 9, and 15 with storage rack

Our best all-around medicine ball. The outstanding feel and hold of our Evolution medicine ball line has been elevated to provide even greater tack for intense medicine ball training. The tacky cover and soft-sided construction enhance grip during dynamic exercises like wall tosses, partner passes, chest passes, and overhead throws.

The large, 14" diameter challenges users during conditioning exercises like Russian twists, and adds difficulty to bodyweight movements like lunges, squats, and pushups. A uniform size across weights gives users consistency in movement dynamics as they progress in skill and strength.

Optimal durability. The Evolution 2.0's advanced cover features an improved panel design that offers better distribution of force when dropped or tossed against walls. High-quality, reinforced stitching retains seam integrity, unlike competitors that are prone to tearing or fraying. Premium-quality filling with natural materials ensures shape retention even after extensive dropping and use.

Set Options

  • 6-Ball Light Set includes 2 ea 4-8 lb balls, 6-ball rack, and charts.
  • 6-Ball Heavy Set includes 3 ea 14, 20 lb balls, 6-Ball Rack, and charts.
  • 9-Ball Light Set includes 2 ea 4, 8, 10 lb; 3 ea 6 lb balls, 9-ball rack, and charts.
  • 9-Ball Heavy Set includes 3 ea 10, 14, 20 lb balls, 9-Ball Rack, and charts.
  • 15-Ball Sets include choice of balls, X-Light (4 ea 4-8 lb; 3 ea 10 lb), Light (3 ea 6-14 lb), or Heavy (3 ea 10-16, 20 lb) 15-Ball Rack, and charts.