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Impact Medicine Balls
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Quake Slam Balls

Quake Slam Balls

Tremor Weight Balls
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Evolution Medicine Balls
Evolution Kompact Medicine Balls
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Demolition Kompact Medicine Balls
TACtonic Slam Balls
Vintage Basketball Medicine Balls
Evolution 2.0 Medicine Balls
Vintage Antimicrobial Medicine Balls

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Buy medicine balls from Gopher Performance to unleash strength and conditioning excellence!

Gopher Performance offers a wide selection of weight balls in varying sizes and weights with cushioned, rubber, or antimicrobial surfaces. Coaches and trainers can use med balls in versatile training routines that incorporate multiple planes of movement and full-body muscle recruitment.

Soft medicine balls feature forgiving sides, making them easier to grip and catch. Hard-sided rubber medicine balls are best for high-bounce movements, throwing, and catching. Slam balls are the toughest in our collection, featuring tacky or grippy surfaces for the most powerful slams.

Top off your arsenal with accessories and convenient storage options to protect and increase longevity of your equipment when not in use.

Shop medicine balls from Gopher Performance!