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Force Soft Kettlebells

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The industry's only true sand-filled kettlebell is the safest option for floors and users.

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  • Sand filling allows kettlebell to be dropped without damage to floors or equipment.
  • Core is evenly weighted, preventing shifting or flopping associated with other sand-filled equipment.
  • Rigid handle is set deep into soft kettlebells, adding durability and allowing dynamics similar to cast-iron bells.
  • Synthetic cover is waterproof, easy to clean, and highly-resistant to tears and abrasions.
  • Rounded handle is comfortable for both two-handed swings and single-handed kettlebell exercises.

The Force Soft Kettlebell “breaks the mold” of conventional kettlebells! Filled with sand and encased in a durable PVC cover, this kettlebell is safer, quieter, and easier on your floors and storage racks than a cast-iron kettlebell. The soft construction is also less intimidating, making it the perfect option for younger users and those new to kettlebell training. The “give” of the sand-filled bell and the flexible vinyl cover are less likely to cause injury in the event of accidental drops, collisions with a shin or forearm, or finger pinches.

A 3-1/2” dia solid plastic handle offers a comfortable and secure grip so you can perform all kettlebell movements. The handle is anchored deep within the body of the bell, mimicking the construction of a traditional kettlebell for lasting durability and performance. Other sand kettlebells on the market feature a soft cloth handle that’s difficult to get a comfortable hold on, and makes the bell floppy, limiting control and the moves you can perform.

The Force features a double-lined sand center and double-stitched cover so you can swing, snatch, press, and curl with the utmost intensity. Large, easy-to-read weight identification is stitched into the cover and won’t fade or wear off. This kettlebell is not designed for slamming or repeated dropping. Moisture-resistant cover easily wipes clean. 26” dia bell x 12”H. Available individually or in set of 12 that includes an all-steel UltraFit Rack and UltraFit Kettlebell Training Charts.

Stationary Set. Includes 12 kettlebells (2 ea 5 lb, 4 ea 10, 15 lb, 2 ea 20 lb), Stationary Rack (45”L x 30’W x 39”H, 138 lb), and charts.

Mobile Set. Includes 12 kettlebells (2 ea 5, 20 lb; 4 ea 10, 15 lb), Mobile Rack (52"L x 30-1/2"W x 33"H, 136 lb), and charts.