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Shop kettlebell weights at Gopher Performance to harness the most efficient full-body burn!

Kettlebells take strength training back to basics, proving that simple equipment is all that’s needed to max out strength, burn fat, and improve balance and stability, and more. They allow users to move incredible loads in less time, kettlebells are highly efficient training tools for impressive gains.

Cast iron kettlebells from gopher performance set a new standard in durability and longevity. Our thick vinyl coating adds a protective element, preventing dings to floors and equipment. Rubber kettlebells are our most durable option. Specialty kettlebells, like those filled with sand, break the mold for unique experiences.

Coaches and trainers can choose how implement kettlebells to best support their athletes’ training goals. Swing, squat, or press kettlebells to recruit different muscle groups and take full advantage of this versatile full-body conditioning machine.

Swing through our selection of kettlebells at Gopher Performance!